The eHealth solution for remote medical monitoring

apTelecare is the secure remote medical monitoring solution which supports patients with various pathologies in their own home. It ensures continuous communication between the patient and the care professionals.


apTeleCare, the effective remote medical monitor

An app for the patient

A platform for the care professional

A real contribution to the medical care process

  • Daily monitoring questionnaires
  • Data capture
  • Photo-links
  • Talk to the doctor via secure messaging

Responsiveness in every task

  • Patient prescription
  • Read collected data in real time
  • Alert handler
  • Update medical protocol parameters
  • Send messages and questionnaires

Android, IOS & Web

Adaptable to every pathology

Manual capture or by connected device

Secure content

Class I medical device certified

Intuitive and user-friendly

TMM Software, major eHealth player

Since 2009, TMM Software, the publisher of innovative expert software, has been committed to enhancing the experience of the care centre patient. As an “innovation driver”, TMM Software develops unique, secure, flexible and collaborative software solutions. As a recognised player in its sector, TMM Software aims to work together with health professionals in the medical care of patients who are able to take more and more control of their own care.