apTeleCare: the remote medical monitoring platform

apTeleCare ensures continual communication between health professionals and patients and meets the challenges of:


  • coordinating the care plan
  • creating simple medical protocols

Efficient remote medical monitoring

The online apTelecare remote medical monitor enables remote management of:

  • Chronic illnesses: diabetes, renal, cardiac and respiratory conditions

  • Post-operative out-patient and RAAC [Improved Post-op Rehabilitation] monitoring

  • Oncology

  • Addiction studies

  • Transplant monitoring with feedback from laboratory analyses

  • Wound monitoring with photo capture

  • Any pathology requiring regular patient monitoring

Data security and regulatory compliance

  • Compliant with French healthcare data host (HDS) rules 2017-2019
  • Solution protects user privacy and meets the requirements of CNIL, France’s data ombudsman

A recognised, benchmark solution of choice

  • apTeleCare has been accredited by DGOS for the “ETAPES” remote medicine programme since January 2018 (TMM Software is the first accredited nephrology supplier).
  • We were chosen, with our partner SPIE, for the RESAH remote medicine contract to monitor diabetes and respiratory condition pathologies.
  • apTeleCare has been selected to take part in clinical trials: the NeLLY – Calydial trial with 640 patients, the St Étienne teaching hospital PREPS trial with 350 patients etc.

Easier post-operative monitoring

Patient side
Care professional side

Patient app

Using the app from a tablet, smartphone or PC, a remotely monitored person becomes proactive in their own medical care:


  • Data capture and photo-links
  • Answer medical questionnaires
  • Secure links with the doctor
  • Use bespoke therapeutic education content

Doctor platform

The health professional carries out remote monitoring from a web platform equipped with a medical protocol editor:


  • Track patient data and update protocol parameters
  • Secure communication and transmission of questionnaires
  • Prescribe patient activities
  • Define therapeutic education content