No Mind Left Behind

The Birdsong Tablet is a digital engagement platform designed for older adults of all ages, abilities, and interests.

The Birdsong Tablet can be used accross multiple settings:

  • In-room engagement: Differentiate your community by bringing joy and better brain health to your residents!
  • Home Users: Don’t live in a community? Use the Birdsong Tablet to receive the same social benefits.
  • Activities Programming: We’ve done the tedious work so you can focus on what you do best: engagement, therapy, and connection.

What's in the Birdsong Software?

  • The Birdsong software is compatible with multiple hardware choices for varying resident needs. Hardware choices include varying screen sizes (10 inch, 18 inch, and 24 inch) and varying grades (medical grade, consumer grade, and commercial grade).
  • Friendly User Interface with a picture based navigation system- every selection has a picture that communicates what’s behind it.
  • This enables residents with worsening cognitive functioning to easily navigate through the system.
  • Loved ones can easily send videos, photos messages, and video chat.
  • State of the art analytics to track and assess resident usage and trends in cognitive changes.
  • Rich content that is meant to engage and inspire older adults by putting the power of technology and information in their hands.
  • Residents have easy access to opportunities for socializing through video conferencing, exercise videos, brain fitness programs, therapy tools, entertaining games & videos, spirituality content, and much more.
  • This solution has the potential to improve cognition, improve quality of life of older adults, reduce stress & anxiety, and reduce caregiver burden.