MultiMed, an innovative multimedia solution

MultiMed revolutionises the daily life of patients and the care team.


MultiMed delivers a complete Android multimedia solution to healthcare centers.

From a digital device, the app enhances the patient’s comfort and communication with the center.


From a digital device, the app enhances the patient’s comfort and communication with the center.

MultiMed, a platform offering a real patient experience

MultiMed offers a variety of services:


  • Multimedia and connectivity just like at home
  • Medical content tailored to center or service needs: therapeutic education, medical atlas, pain threshold etc.
  • Patient-center interaction: room service, home system, quality questionnaires, cleaning etc.
  • Access to remote consultation and expert advice with the CareConsult module

TMM Software develops partnerships with hardware manufacturers and distributors: certified, multi-touch 10 to 18-inch Android devices that meet the flexibility and price requirements.


MultiMed has equipped many centers and more than proven its effectiveness over the last 9 years.


The app can be tailored to out-patient services, dialysis units, oncology units, specialist establishments (for people with disabilities or multiple trauma) and surgical departments.


Additional equipment can be provided for specific pathology needs:

  • disability module
  • remote consultation module
  • cabled, articulated, mobile or fixed support brackets

MultiMed, designed for “user experience”

Center director, department head

Are you a health center director or department head?

MultiMed enhances care plan efficiency. This app provides support for patient-center communication: digital contact lists, diary and questionnaires.


It allows health professionals to access and update patient files. The app’s design is simple and easy to learn for the teams or the department. It is also designed to optimise hotel-side revenue for your center.

Are you an IS manager?

MultiMed is a solution which optimises facilities income, with its tax solution. MultiMed is a secure solution that is easy to integrate into your IS.

MultiMed works for every type of healthcare center: hospitals, clinics, out-patient services, dialysis and oncology units.

MultiMed is designed to meet HDS and CNIL standards.

What do patients get?

MultiMed enhances patient care with multimedia provision “just like at home”. They can access the full Play Store environment (games, information, streaming) and entertainment:  TV, radio, Internet, Skype.


MultiMed enhances in-room comfort, for example, by integrating home system, call nurse, meal ordering and housekeeping service features and online payment.

MultiMed ensures continuous support by delivering therapeutic information, helping patients to communicate with medical staff or providing modules such as pain threshold expression.


Its intuitive and user-friendly design means a quick and simple learning curve for patients and other users.