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New healthcare organization for caregivers, since 03/16: apTeleCare integrates a COVID-19 monitoring protocol

30 April 2020

The apTeleCare remote monitoring solution is adapted to the constraints of the coronavirus pandemic.

It offers a new organization for monitoring patients at home and relieves caregivers who are very much in demand during this period of crisis.

ApTeleCare is available online immediately for private caregivers, care centers, associations and hospitals. It contains COVID-19 protocols for monitoring suspected or infected patients.

Its functionalities make it possible to follow patients and communicate with them, which brings better reactivity to diagnose the triggers and aggravators of the disease (cough, fever, etc.)

ApTeleCare, medical software solution certified
ApTeleCare, medical software solution certified

In practice:

• Liberal nurses receive feedback on the application on all COVID-19 symptoms and their day-to-day changes

• The doctor performs remote monitoring of his patients and triggers an online appointment if necessary

• Home care carries out remote monitoring of its own itinerant caregivers.

Important: apTeleCare respects the challenges of regulation and the security of personal and health data.