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Human values

  • As bold pioneers, we develop apps to enhance patient well-being (entertainment, home system, patient communication) and make it easy to access home or out-patient care (patient-doctor tablet).
  • With our community-centred approach, we have also devised a social media-type app which provides a genuine private social network that offers a host of opportunities for communication.
  • Our performance is totally dependent on the flexibility of our organisation and the potential of our staff, so come and join us and share your know-how, your creativity… and your quirks!
  • The accessible management team, with its focus on ensuring respect for each person’s values and well-being, will help you to grow in a truly enterprising venture.

Whether you are a new or an experienced graduate or looking for a work placement, come and talk to us.


Full Stack / Back / Front Developer

The Developer’s task is to code the customer requirements as expressed to and summarised by the Project Manager. The job involves implementing features that meet code quality standards and comply with the tests.

eHealth marketing engineer
eHealth project manager