MultiMed enhances patient experience and team efficiency

MultiMed is a multimedia entertainment and medical information solution that can be used directly in rooms in healthcare facilities or in outpatient settings.

Its platform offers a relevant interaction between the patient and the facility services and improves the patient experience.

MultiMed, the innovative multimedia platform for healthcare centers

Patient experience

MultiMed meets the challenges posed by the patient experience, hotel-side optimisation and computerisation for care staff.


  • Multimedia and connectivity just like at home
  • Medical content
  • Patient-center interaction
  • Access to remote consultation
  • Digital tool for post-op and out-patient medical monitoring

Efficient service offer

MultiMed also ensures optimised hotel-side revenue for healthcare centers


  • Combined, centralised service costs
  • Center group or service-level management
  • Online payment methods

Simple integration

Secure content

over 50 centres equipped with the Android MultiMed solution

Intuitive and user-friendly

Over 7,000 beds offer the innovative MultiMed multimedia solution

TMM Software, major eHealth player

Since 2009, TMM Software, the publisher of innovative expert software, has been committed to enhancing the experience of the care center patient. As an “innovation driver”, TMM Software develops unique, secure, flexible and collaborative software solutions.


As a recognised player in its sector, TMM Software aims to work together with health professionals in the medical care of patients who are able to take more and more control of their own care.