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[Press release] Promising results for apTeleCare within the national ETAPES program and the remote monitoring of patients with renal failure

12 January 2022

Paris, May 26, 2021 - The apTeleCare remote monitoring tool from TMM Software, a solution adopted in the ETAPES program for the use of remote monitoring for 4 pathologies (diabetes, cardiac, renal and respiratory failure), is revealed after 4 years experimentation, particularly relevant in cases of renal failure.

While the national ETAPES * program, which encourages and supports the deployment of remote monitoring projects across the country ends at the end of 2021, TMM Software takes stock of its participation. Selected for the remote monitoring of patients with various pathologies, the company notes that its apTeleCare application appears to be particularly relevant and beneficial for the monitoring of kidney transplant patients for 6 months or more.

If remote monitoring via apTeleCare seems at this stage to be quite suitable for this pathology, it is because it addresses two major challenges that patients and medical staff must face:

  • The transplant is an operation that transforms the lives of patients, its success over time is conditioned both by respect for a healthy lifestyle and by long-term monitoring of indicators of good health of the transplant. Continuous monitoring enabled by the application, which provides for a monthly feedback of items such as: blood pressure measurements, medical analyzes or regular health checks. It also allows the patient to report serious symptoms.
  • Like dialysis, the transplant is a very expensive operation, so there is an economic interest for the patient and for the community to do everything to ensure that it is sustainable. To this end, the prescription for remote monitoring is renewable for 6 months, and is covered by social security.

By the end of the year, more than 1,300 patients will be able to benefit from remote monitoring with apTeleCare, in the services of 12 partner establishments in France, as part of ETAPES.

“In the case of pathologies which require complex protocols adapted to each patient, a technology like apTeleCare represents a real asset. The remote monitoring of kidney transplant patients is also our historical activity. We are delighted to be able today to benefit other patients nationally, and hope to be able to extend and perpetuate these collaborations beyond the experiments enabled by the ETAPES program ", declares Arnault Thouret, President of TMM Software.

"The feedback is very positive for the use of apTeleCare for the remote monitoring of our transplant patients, patient side and medical staff side, because it allows to adapt the protocols thanks to a single and easy to use tool. We hope to be able to continue this experiment in the long term, in order to obtain more results ", declares Professor Christophe Mariat, of the Department of Nephrology, Dialysis and Renal Transplantation at the CHU of Saint Etienne.

About TMM Software

TMM Software digitizes the care pathway and engages with healthcare facilities to improve the experience of their patients. As an "innovation activator", TMM Software is developing its solutions in co-development with business experts, and offers two main offers:

  • MultiMed, a multimedia entertainment and medical information solution that can be used directly in the room in care facilities or on an outpatient basis.
  • apTeleCare, a solution for medical telemonitoring and digitalization of the patient journey (pre-admission, remote monitoring) which allows remote monitoring of patients with all types of pathologies. The solution ensures a continuous exchange between the patient and the healthcare professionals, and improves the quality of care.

The solution has already been adopted by specialist health players for their remote monitoring, for example the case of FollowSurg for monitoring more than 11,000 patients who are candidates for bariatric surgery; of Physidia for the remote monitoring of patients using a hemodialysis machine; or even from Santélys for the remote monitoring of patients on 4 distinct pathologies.

* Telemedicine experiments for the improvement of health care paths