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eHealth expertise at the heart of our software

TMM Software, the innovative expert software publisher, is committed to enhancing the experience of the care centre patient. As an “innovation driver”, TMM Software develops unique, secure, open-ended and collaborative software solutions.

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eHealth joint development
Technological efficiency
Guaranteed compliance
Bespoke support

4 solutions

designed to support the patient from hospital bed to home

Platform for remote medical monitoring and care plan management for patients in their own home

efficient communication between health professionals and patients proactively participating in their own healthcare
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Multimedia entertainment and medical information solution, for in-patient and out-patient use

effective interaction between patient and practitioner
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Private and secure social connection

between the person in care, their family and case supervisors
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Therapy tool for older adults of all ages, abilities, and interests

Real benefits to residents, caregivers and communities by providing (among other things) an easy access to opportunities for socializing
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