TMM Software

software solution publisher, key player in the eHealth sector

Tmm software develops innovative software for eHealth and has been a key innovator since 2009.

TMM Software activities are underpinned by an ethos of commitment and Living Lab joint development.

In every project, the teams apply the know-how gained in research and development: business expertise, innovative technologies, security and compliance etc.

Tmm software, driver of the eHealth sector

Tmm software markets a software ecosystem for healthcare professionals and their patients: among our various solutions, MultiMed, apTeleCare, used by health professionals and patients in healthcare group centres and in medical/social care centres.

Tmm software is partnered with industry players:  integrators, software publishers and manufacturers of connected devices.

Tmm software, a history of applied expertise

Tmm software is managed by Serge Massot, with 12 years’ experience of digital eHealth solutions. As the strategic and operational manager, he is supported by 25 colleagues from the eHealth sector with complementary business and technical skills.

Find out about the 2 Tmm software solutions

MultiMed is a multimedia entertainment and medical information solution that can be used directly in the room in healthcare establishments or on an outpatient basis.

apTeleCare is the secure medical telemonitoring solution that meets the needs of healthcare establishments to take care of their patients with various pathologies, directly at their homes.